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3 reviews for How Hot Do You Want It?

  1. Debbie

    To be honest I’m not a chilli lover!! BUT….. This was good!! I thought the mild one would be my limit, it was nice/lovely, so I went on to try the others, the second and third ones were my favourite and although the forth one packed a real punch it was still really good…. So I’m not a chilli lover but I am a chilli fudge lover!!!!

  2. Mike

    This fudge is amazing. It sorts the boys from the girls but in our case not as expected. The mildest flavour is good, middle really good but the Mrs loved the hottest. (I needed a gallon of wine to recover but did enjoy watching the eldest steel a nibble and then dance around the room with tongue on fire!)

  3. Charlotte Elwell

    I loved the super hot one! It’s not too sweet and has an energising kick that’s just the right level of spice.

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How Hot Do You Want It?


This hot tasting box is the perfect fudge to spice up your evening in. With 2 of each of the four levels of chilli fudge, it makes for a lip smacking sharing sensation.

Try each of the levels starting with a mild chilli fudge. Do you dare try the hottest? Who gives up first? Who’s too hot to handle?

Faux Fudge is a chocolate based fudge. This box contains fudge made with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, condensed milk and flavoured with mild chilli powder, ground habanero chilli flakes, ground naga ghost chilli and ground carolina reaper chilli’s.