Becky Stevens from Silver Beats and Treats

In 2002 at the age of 21, there was a discovery:

“My right lung was not connected to my heart properly and was causing the blood flow to the wrong side of my heart. My right lung was not inflated, and hadn’t been since birth so wasn’t producing oxygenated blood. And my heart was engorged on one side. This caused the heart to look like it had a line down the middle of it – like a Scimitar sword. I had been born with Scimitar syndrome.” My journey  – chapter 2

This year is 20 years since I had my life saving heart surgery.

I am raising money for The Somerville Heart Foundation (formally GUCH), the organisation that has supported me throughout, and who continue to support me and others born with congenital heart problems.

I am walking 20 different walks of 20 miles each around Hampshire, Wiltshire and Sussex.