Silver Beats and Treats


Beginner to Grade 3 Brass Lessons.


Preschool and Beginner Piano Lessons.



Trumpet Solo performer for Weddings and Special occasions.

Why choose Silver Beats and Treats for lessons?

Learning a new music is exciting – but the expectation can be scary. Specialises in helping pupils relax into their new instrument and have some fun!

Using various tools to explain the language of music at the same time as learning the instrument, ensuring that fun is had in every lesson which will help inspire passion for greatness.



From the first fluffy note, lessons are bespoke to enabling the pupil to have an amazing life skill.

Teaching Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba, Baritone, Tenor Horn and PBuzz (beginner brass instrument)

From age 6 and up, once you’ve mastered the basics the world is your stage.

Learning is fun, and every lesson is a blast!!


I am also available to play the trumpet for your special occasion.

Mainly weddings, but any other occasion you can think of can be catered for.

Walking down the aisle to a trumpet fanfare is magical and makes you feel like a princess.

So why not?


Learning a musical instrument can be challenging, but it can also be fun!

Lessons are bespoke to the pupils age and ability, with no pressure and just fun ways of learning to play which keep the pupil engaged.

No age is to young to start learning music so pre-schoolers welcome.

Downloadable, Printable Tools to assist with learning.