Custom Handmade Jewellery, Music & Treats

About Me

As a child I was known for being loud, energetic, liked to be creative and make anything.

As an adult I still manage to be exactly the same, but of course I’ve learnt to channel it and make it work for me!

The loud part of me is now my Trumpet. I started playing at the age of 8 and fell in love with it! I did my GCSE and A Level music, got all my grades that I needed, and the silly teenage self decided not to pursue it further. As an adult I started playing again and have rekindled my love of playing and my passion to teach others has grown after helping at a village school for a couple of years.

My energetic part is teamed up with the fact there are 3 parts of the business. I like being busy and keeping active. I’m married, have 3 daughters from primary to Uni age and a rather cute Cockapoo.

And my creative flare is still there, although I channel it into other things rather than my Sellotape and Blu Tack creations!

I love jewellery – who doesn’t? But I’ve always been drawn to silver jewellery and rings. I went on a silversmithing course with a friend and that was it. I was hooked. I could make my own silver jewellery! Then I discovered another lady who could teach me rings and things. Well, after others realised what I’d achieved, they started asking me to make pieces for them.

The Faux Fudge is part of my childhood as well – just not the faux bit. As a child my mother would always make the most amazing tablet fudge for school bake sales etc. We’d always be able to scrape out the bowl after! As an adult I’ve tried to follow my mother’s recipe – but I’ve only achieved my mother’s perfection once!! So, when I discovered slow cooker fudge, those creative juices got flowing again.

In May 2018 an idea started to form, and in June 2018 a business was born.


Becky Stevens


Only the Best

Why Silver Beats & Treats?

I realised I do so many different things and I could see myself doing loads more, but not focusing on the things I love.

Silver – I love making my jewellery and selling it to people who love it too!

Beats – I love music. It’s given me such a great skill and opportunities in my life. It’s only right that I pass this skill on!

Treats – I love Chocolate. I love Fudge. I love seeing people’s faces when they take that first bite and drift into their happy place.

Putting it all together ensures I LOVE my work!!

Designed and Handmade In House

All Silver Jewellery is made in my workshop which is situated at my home.

Music lessons are also completed within my home.

My Fudge is made in a purpose built fudge den which is in separate facilities and has a level 5 hygiene certificate rating.


Ring Sizing

Learn how to measure your ring size

Hall Marking Information

All Sterling and Silver clay is a 925 silver but un-hallmarked and under the designated weight of hallmark requirements at present.

Allergy Information

Faux Fudge Ingredients and Allergy Information.