I swear if anyone saw me on one of my dog walks – they’d be calling for the men in white coats!

One of my favourite things to do is to listen to music, whilst taking in the beauty of my surroundings. But I can’t help but sing along, conduct and pretty much express the music whilst I walk!

Now my musical tastes are varied!!

As a child my favourite group was the Carpenters! Obviously, I’m a bit young as Karen Carpenter died before I was 3, and my parents didn’t listen to them, so I don’t know where that love came from! But every birthday I would put Wait a minute Mr Postman on loudly as the postman walked up the path!! Their songs played at both my weddings and I still sing Solitaire every time I play games on my phone 🤣We used to listen to The Beatles, Roger Whittiker, Queen and the Sky album a lot as a family, and then my sister introduced my parents to Enya and Runrig. I checked out.

Determined not to get sucked into wishy washy music, I copied my sisters one album of any worth (she liked Rick Astley too!) – the Cranberries. I progressed onto Blur – coz Damon Albarn. Then onto President of the United States of America – purely because it had swear words in to shock my parents!

I love a good sing song though, so girl band pop, I’m there!! Girls Aloud, The Promise being my favourite!!

But what do I listen on my dog walk that sees me dancing like an idiot?

Orchestral power pieces is what I like to call them!! Pieces I’ve played, classical, musicals and film soundtracks!

There is nothing better on a beautiful morning to walk through the countryside listening to Out of Africa, John Dunbar theme,  Mars from the Planets, Jurassic Park, Gladiator, Adiemus and a plethora of other varied mix of tracks!!

Each piece is special to me and takes me to different places when I hear them.

Adiemus takes me back to being 17 and visiting previously mentioned sister in Mali, West Africa.  Her and her friends had the choir parts for the whole album, and it was lovely to be able to join in and learn alto to a couple of the songs!

Fanfare for the Common Man reminds me of the time I was at college, touring in Belgium. We played it in this huge cathedral, with the trumpets up in one set of cloisters and lower brass in the opposite side of cloisters. The sound it created over the heads of the audience was magical and regal. Just beautiful to be a part of.

Gladiator, specially The Battle, is something I’d love to play. Full orchestra, in the Albert Hall. I miss playing in an orchestra.

I listen to Out of Africa as we have played it in the orchestra I’m part of. It reminds me of sitting in the back row, listening to all these hugely talented people, make such a beautiful sound together. I miss the being part of making beautiful music.

At the beginning of this year I was at my peak of playing, we had lots planned for the orchestra. We were playing Somewhere over the Rainbow, arranged for 2 trumpets and orchestra. We were also playing Becky’s Song, which I wrote when I was 18 and Kevin Riley rearranged it for the orchestra. I was so excited to be performing both pieces at some point.

But this year is not the year.

This year is not for the arts world.

Maybe next year.

Till then I shall listen to my music and dance along to the beat, sing various parts (especially my parts 🤣🤣) and long for a time that I can be part of it and play with an orchestra again.