How Hot Do You Want It?
Well there’s a story behind this latest creation!!
My husband is chilli obsessed. This is due to him having no sense of smell (its not covid, it’s an actual thing 藍). He adds chilli flakes to everything so he can have some flavour, drives me mad!
But it does make Christmas and birthday buying easier.
Well this year I couldn’t do my normal shopping so all he ended up with for Christmas was a litre of tabasco sauce!
So on boxing day, him and our eldest were on an Internet chilli binge and decided to buy various different heats of chilli to try out! I left them to it, I like spicy foods but not too hot!! I was just pleased that they might do some of the cooking now 爛.
Well, a few weeks ago we sat down for a lovely family spaghetti bolognaise and the chilli flakes came out.
Now there were 2 bottles of flakes, 1 from Tesco and one from Lidl. So I asked where the ones they got online were? Simple answer, he’d poured out the contents of those jars and filled them with his super heated habanero flakes.
My jaw dropped, and a huge wave of relief for early communication followed by the horror of what could of occurred!!
He had replaced the jar that was in the fudge den for my chilli fudge.
Can you imagine!!
I would have unknowingly put habanero chilli flakes in my fudge and sent it out to customers . I could have seriously caused distress over a piece of my fudge.
Lots of laughter and hilarity ensued, but then the whole of the family decided I should make fudge with all the chillis he brought! How Hot Do You Want It was born!
But it doesn’t end there.
This fudge box has 4 different flavours of chilli.
Mild chilli – my normal fudge. Gives a pleasant tingle to the pallete.
Deciding amounts of chilli to put in was my issue.
The Habanero comes in flakes.
The Naga Ghost Chilli and the Carolina Reaper chilli was in whole dried chilli form.
I had to cut up and grind them myself.
So, I’d had a notification from the NHS app that I had to isolate for two days. My husband had to go out, our youngest was occupied so I thought I’d have a grinding session.

Halfway through I rang my husband.
I told him I think I’ve got covid.
I couldn’t breath, my nose burnt, my throat burnt, I had an irrational cough, my eyes were stinging.
He was genuinely worried. I may have put it on a bit too 藍藍.
The spores from the chilli had got into the air and we had to open all the windows in the house to be able to breathe again!!
When making this fudge I now wear my face mask so I don’t have that problem!
And I use gloves when cutting anyway, but seriously – you do need to wash your hands after eating this selection box, especially men. It could get rather hot down there if you get my drift 
But then again, How Hot Do You Want It?